Let’s get our heads together for new content ideas

Need fresh content ideas for your blog or website?

As a working writer, my brain never stops.  I’m always on the hunt for a new story or compelling angle. I know not everyone’s brain operates this way so I’m happy to provide a service that includes brainstorming ideas for articles and blog posts.

Your session starts with a consultation that will let me get to know you and your business. I’ll ask questions that will determine your ideal customer then I’ll create ideas for content that will speak directly to that customer (and others just like them).

I’ll rack my brain so you can give yours a rest.

Ideas and concept packages start from $100 per session.

ideas become something else Jennifer Morton Writer

Writer, Photographer, Traveller

Hi there, I’m Jennifer. I’m an experienced writer who likes to live the good life and travel the world. I also love helping people make their lives easier. May I help you?

Blog blender


30-minute consultation

25 blog concepts

2 image headers


Hate writing blogs? 

I can help

Jennifer Morton is a writer, content creator and photographer. The Canadian expat has lived all over Canada, New Zealand and Australia. She's even spent 6 months working aboard a cruise ship in Europe. When she's not writing about travel or health & wellness, you may find her lounging on the beach, fishing with her son, sipping coffee at a cafe, reading a book or zooming in on a beautiful scene. She's also likely to be boarding an airplane... or jumping out of one!

©2017 Jennifer Morton

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