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My writing portfolio began with a print article for Australian Family Magazine that I was commissioned to write off the back of my very first pitch in January 2011. I went on to write four more pieces for them before moving on to national glossy magazines like Good Health and Green Lifestyle.

In August 2012, I landed a freelance reporter role. For two years, I was the Jurien Bay Correspondent for West Australian Newspaper’s  (WAN) Geraldton publications. I had countless articles and photographs printed in their newspapers, The Geraldton Guardian, The Midwest Times and their lifestyle magazine, Ocean Drive.

To this day, I continue to write for national magazines, newspapers and online publications. I have a sizeable portfolio to share, though I have included only the most recent and relevant articles and examples here.

For older or specific stories that feature in my writing portfolio, please ring me on 0498 091 077 or email me.

Flourish Magazine
Flourish Magazine
Sunday Life

From top to bottom (email for a PDF copy)

Millennium Hotels & Resorts
Good Health

Everything is possible: making your dreams come true (PDF available)

Good Health

In love with lavender (PDF available)

Good Health

Inhale for your health (PDF available)

Good Health

Moving Meditations (PDF available)

Good Health

Kitchen Cures (PDF available)

Writer, Photographer, Traveller

Hi there, I’m Jennifer. I’m an experienced writer who likes to live the good life and travel the world. I also love helping people make their lives easier. May I help you?

Jennifer Morton

Jennifer Morton

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