Best books I read in 2017

I love a good book. I read 21 books in 2017. Here are my favs (in no particular order) Fall by Candice Fox I think Candice Fox is the bee's knees. Although her first crime novel, Hades, was painful to read(those poor kids), I fell in love with the first line. And that...

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How clean is your hotel room?

Frequent guests of hotels won't like hearing this, but there's a good chance that the room you stayed in last was not sanitary. I love to travel. I've been around the world and I've stayed in many hotels, motels, motor inns, hostels, backpackers, Air BnBs, cabins,...

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Easy tips for setting new goals

Each new year we get to start over with new goals, dreams and wishes. How lucky are we? In my last post, I wrote about how 2016 sucked. And it did, but there was plenty of good stuff to be grateful for and I am. There were highs and lows but I guess, such is life. But...

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3 business mistakes I made in 2016

Business mistakes will be made but you can avoid these ones easy enough. I hate making mistakes, especially business mistakes. But wow, I've made a lot over the years. Nothing too major, nothing too drastic. Lives were never in danger. So all is well. As we head...

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Jennifer Morton is a writer, content creator and photographer. The Canadian expat has lived all over Canada, New Zealand and Australia. She's even spent 6 months working aboard a cruise ship in Europe. When she's not writing about travel or health & wellness, you may find her lounging on the beach, fishing with her son, sipping coffee at a cafe, reading a book or zooming in on a beautiful scene. She's also likely to be boarding an airplane... or jumping out of one!

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