Business trips are awesome when you get to stay in a serviced apartment as flash as the ones at Seashells Fremantle

I don’t go on business trips nearly as often as I’d like to but I recently had work in Perth and it was nice to stay in high-end accommodation for a change. I do like the finer things in life but I don’t always splash out for flash accommodation. When the opportunity presented to stay at Seashells Fremantle for 2 nights, I booked it. And I’m so glad I did.

Seashells Fremantle – First Impressions

It’s hot. Damn hot in Perth today. Like 38 degrees, stinky, sweaty, sticky hot. And humid. Trekking around the CBD is hard work. I’m here on a walking tour with Perth’s leading walking tour co, Two Feet & a Heartbeat. Two hours of ducking into shopfronts as their automated doors open and share cool air to the outside. By the time I arrive at Seashells Fremantle, I look a mess.

Jesse, the manager,  is at the reception to welcome me. I’m glistening and stressed from city driving. As if she’s reading my mind, she asks if I’d like a bottle of wine for my room. Hell YASS, I want a bottle of wine.  She steps away and returns with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc Semillon from Capel Vale.

After Jesse explains all the bit and bobs about the accommodation and its facilities, she escorts me to my room. This is not the kind of service you get from big chain hotels. It’s an impressive personal touch and I’m overjoyed to receive this level of customer service.

Seashells Fremantle – The Room

Ok, I love me a hotel room. Aside from being a by-product of travel,  I consider a stay in a luxury hotel room one of the best self-care pampers you can give yourself. It’s mid-afternoon and I have nowhere to be so I settle in to enjoy the comforts of my Deluxe room.

Right away, I love the room. It’s spacious, clean and bright. The king bed is neatly made  – ALL white linen and a single dark-coloured Aztec-vibe pillow in the middle of the 4 oversized ones propped up against the headboard.

Like a kid at an Easter egg hunt, I look around the room and through the kitchenette. There’s everything you’d need here to be comfortable for a week or so. While there are no cooking facilities in this room, there is a coffee machine, electric kettle, toaster and a microwave for simple meals. I find a wine glass and pour myself a drink. So what if it is only 3 pm.

Before I sit down with my wine, I inspect the bathroom. What I mean is I check out the soaps. I have a little obsession with hotel bathroom soaps and shampoos so I nearly squeal with delight to see the upmarket, natural skincare amenities lined up on the otherwise empty shelf. I open the Intense Body Bar by Metis Skin and get in the shower – Lord knows I need one. The orange and frankincense hydrating bar is soft, smooth and gently exfoliating. The accompanying amenities are Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner and a tube of Intense Body Cleanser. I’ll save those for later.

I have every intention of working but the wine and the luxury surrounds transports me to Chillaxville and honestly, I can’t be arsed. So I kick-back and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Seashells Fremantle – The Neighbourhood

To rid myself of laziness guilt, I leave the confine of my boutique accommodation to wander the ‘hood. I adore Fremantle (Freo to the locals) but I’d never spent time in East Freo. It’s certainly a quieter area than central Freo (where Fisherman’s Wharf is) – quiet except for the busy Canning Highway that runs through.

Just past the hectic intersection at the Canning and Stirling Highways, there’s a stairway leading to the river. I stop to talk to a cat before continuing along the riverside footpath. It’s that time of evening when people are out running, walking their dogs and having after-work beers at the pub. I’m tempted to stop at The Left Bank, a beer garden restaurant with an awesome view of the Swan River and its passers-by. But I don’t. I walk until the sky glows red then turn around and make my way back to luxury.

Two nights at Seashells Fremantle was not enough, but is it ever? This boutique accommodation is the perfect place for corporate travellers, week-long visitors or anyone looking for nice digs out of the high-traffic tourist areas of Perth.

Exterior image of Shipwreck Galleries with anchor in foreshore
Shipwreck Galleries tells the stories of Freo’s rich maritime history.

Seashells Fremantle – Need to Knows

  • There’s a range of accommodation options available: deluxe rooms to 2-bedroom apartments.
  • Secure underground parking available.
  • It’s more of a private apartment building than a hotel.
  • It’s super quiet.
  • The rooftop bar and restaurant Sweetwater is open Wednesday-Sunday. They have a large list of cocktails and a kick-ass view for sunsets.
  • It’s smack-bang in the middle of shops, cafes and private residences.
  • May Street Larder is a 1-minute walk away. If you get there around 7 am, you’ll be just in time for fresh-out-of-the-oven muffins. Yum. Perfect for a breaky on your balcony.
  • To stay at Seashells Fremantle, book a room here.

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