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Need to commission a writer? My work has appeared in many print and online magazines, newspapers and websites so you can be sure I have the experience and skill to get the job done. 

Let’s face it, the internet in overrun with words and blurbs. So why should you add to the noise? Because chances are,  your customers and ideal target market are online searching for a service or product exactly like yours. If you stay silent or hidden, nobody will find you. That’s why you need concise, engaging copy to talk to your audience. 

How much does it cost?

As a freelance features writer, I know that many publications have set commission rates. I am happy to work within those budgets but don’t take the piss. I do not get out of bed for less than 0.50c a word, and that’s pushing the boundaries of acceptable pay for a freelancer.  

For small business owners and managers, I realise that money is often a factor when hiring service people.  Every project is different so every job needs to be calculated carefully so we both get the best deal possible. 

Commissioning a freelance writer is often more affordable than larger agencies…and more personal too.

 You can get professional writing services from me for as little as $100*.

*press release rate

I guarantee reliable, personal customer service.

Skydive Jurien Bay needed content written for its website that was a league above what we could write internally (we’re skydivers not authors!). Jenn Morton proved to be the perfect choice due to her experience in journalism and her desire to really understand our specific needs and how the content was to be used on our website. The end result is always fantastically written content that aligns with our digital marketing agendas. Jenn is a pleasure to deal with and I’d recommend her for any content writing projects.”

James Garnaut

Marketing Manager, Skydive Jurien Bay

“Jennifer Morton is a strong writer with exemplary attention to detail. She has a good understanding of our requirements and is able to file copy in line with our expectations. I highly recommend Jennifer for any copywriting work.”

Lachlan Searle

Content Editor, Newsmodo

“We needed some clarity in the wording of our home page.  Knew what we wanted to say, but couldn’t seem to get it right. Jennifer sent us a questionnaire which we discussed. [It included] insightful questions that really made us clarify in our own minds what we wanted.  When she had this information and a range of other material we had used previously,  Jennifer went to work and came up with a great statement for us. Jennifer is a good listener and has an exceptional ability to understand our business and capture its essence in a concise and pithy manner.”

David Reid

Manager, Asia Literacy Challenge

Writer, Photographer, Traveller

Hi there, I’m Jennifer. I’m an experienced writer who likes to live the good life and travel the world. I also love helping people make their lives easier. May I help you?

Hate writing blogs? 

Jennifer Morton is a writer, content creator and photographer. The Canadian expat has lived all over Canada, New Zealand and Australia. She's even spent 6 months working aboard a cruise ship in Europe. When she's not writing about travel or health & wellness, you may find her lounging on the beach, fishing with her son, sipping coffee at a cafe, reading a book or zooming in on a beautiful scene. She's also likely to be boarding an airplane... or jumping out of one!

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