Feature Articles

Feature articles for magazines, newspapers and websites

Feature articles are written by freelancers from around the world.

Hiring a freelance writer, like me, can be just the solution for your publication or website. I’m experienced and interested in writing articles about health & wellness, parenting, lifestyle and travel.

And the real bonus is that I cost less than a staff writer and I won’t eat all the office biscuits.

I can write content to match the style and tone of your publication: print or online.

Articles are also effective tools for small business websites and newsletters so if you’re a business owner, do consider it as a way to engage your customers and target market.

Feature article writing includes:

  • research on the subject
  • statistics (if relevant)
  • professional interviews with industry experts and case studies

Rates start from $300 per article. 

Do you have an exciting story to share? Let’s see if we can get it out in the world! Sources will not be paid. 

Writer, Photographer, Traveller

Hi there, I’m Jennifer. I’m an experienced writer who likes to live the good life and travel the world. I also love helping people make their lives easier. May I help you?

My first feature in a national glossy magazine. Good Health March 2013

Hate writing blogs? 

Jennifer Morton is a writer, content creator and photographer. The Canadian expat has lived all over Canada, New Zealand and Australia. She's even spent 6 months working aboard a cruise ship in Europe. When she's not writing about travel or health & wellness, you may find her lounging on the beach, fishing with her son, sipping coffee at a cafe, reading a book or zooming in on a beautiful scene. She's also likely to be boarding an airplane... or jumping out of one!

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