how to set new goals

Each new year we get to start over with new goals, dreams and wishes. How lucky are we?

In my last post, I wrote about how 2016 sucked. And it did, but there was plenty of good stuff to be grateful for and I am. There were highs and lows but I guess, such is life. But now, it’s time for new adventures and new goals to be set.

Each year, I usually come up with a giant list of all the things I want to accomplish in the coming year and it’s become the norm for me to miss the mark. My 2016 list was very vague and it’s not surprising that I got one gold star out of a list of 12 random thoughts. And that star was simply for “work from home”, which I’ve been doing for several years now. What a joke. Obviously, no thought process went into that horrid list of cringe-worthy goals.

Now, more than a week into 2017, my new goals are ready to be unleashed into the Universe. It’s quite common to have a theme word, especially for airy-fairy types who work from home (like me). You know, you need something to keep you in line. Something to maintain focus. So, what’s my word?


It’s the opposite of fall, that mindset I lived in for most of 2016. I want to rise up to my full potential. Rise and show my power (like my theme song suggests – see video below).

Rise to a state of glory and success, whatever that may mean for me.

And rise up in the clouds. On an airplane.

I’ve lead a life full of travel and adventure but I’m not done yet. When I started growing my writing portfolio, I had large dreams of being a travel writer. Now, six years into my writing career I am ready to grab that dream by the balls and say “here I am”.

I’m off to Thailand later this month, which I hope will result in a few articles. In the meantime, I’m working on rising up to my dreams, goals and life wishes a little differently this year. Baby steps instead of giant, wobbly leaps and bounds that see me fall flat of my face. Here’s how I’m keeping it real.

5 tips for setting new goals

  1. Set a theme
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Be honest with yourself
  4. Write your new goals down  (and put under your pillow on a New Moon)
  5. Accept that they may not be perfect

My top 10 new goals, dreams and desires for 2017

  1. Rise early to exercise before breakfast 6 days a week
  2. Meditate every day
  3. Buy new car
  4. Join local Chamber of Commerce
  5. Advertise on local social media pages every week
  6. Finish this website by April 1
  7. Join ASTW
  8. Guest post on Flying Solo, 3 times
  9. Pitch 5 story ideas to editors weekly (that’s a lot)
  10. Travel: Thailand, Rottnest Island, Augusta, Jurien Bay J Bay Boogie, CANADA (I’m so homesick)

I use music to motivate me and put me in a happier mood. Rise Up by The Parachute Club, a Canadian band who had a couple hits in the 80s, is officially my theme song for 2017. Canadians of a certain age, ahem, may remember it. I LOVE 80s music so I don’t think this is lame at all (it’s also is a great representation of my childhood). Enjoy. And dance a little, or a lot.

The best way to predict your future is to create it. ~Abraham Lincoln