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Hi, I'm Jennifer Morton

I specialise in travel and lifestyle writing from the sunny capital of Western Australia. You’ll find my lifestyle articles on SBS, Sydney Morning Herald, News, Good Health and WHIMN.

But travel is where my heart beats.

Travelling offers incredible moments to be cherished and remembered forever. A well-written travel article can transport the reader to the destination. A top 10 list provides information and inspiration in useful chunks. And that’s where the dreaming begins. 

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I’ve been around the world and back again. It’s never enough. I was born to explore. 

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How to get paid to travel the world
How to get paid to travel the world

Of course, you do. We all want to get paid to travel. It’s the dream and fantasy of countless digital nomads, professional students, free-range families, photographers and Instagrammers, writers, bloggers, freedom lovers and hell, A LOT of other people. Read on to find out how to do it.

Travel Mishaps

Not every trip is a dream. I’ve definitely had some awful experiences – mostly at my own doing (yes, there was booze involved). 

Flying long distance (any distance) hung-over, accommodation crawling with cockroaches, and food poisoning in a foreign country are not great experiences. But they make good stories. 


Until To My Next Trip

(but who’s counting?) 








February 2020 

Thanks to Coronavirus, armchair travel for 2020

March 2021

Western Australia

I love living in Perth. I’ve lived in WA since 2012, and for a year in 2006/2007:  Newman, Jurien Bay, Busselton, and now Perth (Fremantle to be more specific). 

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10 Reasons to Visit Perth and Western Australia

1. Quokkas

2. Beautiful Sunsets 

4. Fine Wine

5. Lots of Sunshine

6. Tasty Craft Beer

7. Thriving Art Scene

8. Stunning Beaches

9. Proud Culture

10. Many Hidden Gems

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Fremantle, WA
Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle
Augusta, WA
Augusta, WA
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Victoria, Canada