I’ve found the perfect nature-filled holiday spot to unwind, relax and re-boot your senses in the Margaret River region.

As I pull into the driveway of Wildwood Valley  + Cooking School, off Wildwood Road in Yallingup, I immediately feel a sense of calm wash over me. A peaceful holiday smack bang in nature is exactly what I need. 

At the fork in the long, natural driveway, I veer left and follow the sign to the cottage named Butterfly. There is beauty all around me: trees, spring flowers, rolling paddocks, a gorgeous and large house, and horses.

My 12-year-old son and I enter the cottage and do what you do when you check-in to holiday accommodation: scour every room for luxurious amenities and holiday feels. And they are here, everywhere. The open-plan living, dining, and kitchen is clean, tasteful and has everything you could possibly need for a holiday stay. There’s even tea, coffee, sugar and milk provided.

The wood-stove is set and ready for a match, which I strike and toss into the mess of newspaper and sticks. I can feel the hygge vibes mounting. I kick myself for not bringing hot chocolate along (the chocolate biscuits I brought will have to do – there are no shops close by).

My heart skips a beat when I spy the clawfoot bathtub in the main bathroom. “I know what I’m doing later,” I say to my son who is deciding which room he’ll sleep in. Two tubes of shower gel will work well for a bubble bath. 

The pre-teen wants the room with the epic countryside views and the en-suite but he gives in and lets me take it. Bless him but let’s face it, he didn’t stand a chance. 

Outside, I get carried away taking photos of flowers as we make our way to the horse paddock. Both of them trot towards us to say hello. They’re lovely and gentle but as soon as they realise we don’t have food, they go back to grazing. And the boy and I go back to our cottage and the warmth of the fire.

In the morning, I wake at my regular time of 6:30 am to the sound of birds singing. I jump out of bed. ‘I bet there are kangaroos out there’ I think to myself. I pull on my Ugg boots, grab my camera, and head to the outside deck with the spectacular view. I was right. There’s a mob of roos scattered throughout the sloping field below the cottage.

The ground is wet and there’s a mix of sun and cloud in the air. A rainbow hangs from a dark cloud. A flock of ring-neck parrots flitter past and settle on the damp grass, feasting on their finds. Each time I make a step closer, they take flight.

When the rains return, the animals flee to find shelter in the dense bushland, and I, in my temporary home. I rekindle the fire even though it’s not overly cold this morning. But coffee in front of the fireplace sounds lovely so why not?

pretty white and yellow flowers
a holiday in nature
A holiday in nature

Our time at Wildwood Valley’s Butterfly cottage is short but sweet. The more I hear about the summertime cooking classes ( a full day of cooking, socialising, eating and drinking wine), the more I want to sign-up. And maybe I will treat myself this summer. But for now, I’ll take more photos of springtime flowers, and be grateful for a little respite from daily life. 

Wildwood Valley + Cooking School has four cottages for rent all year round. If seclusion, peace, nature, stillness, birds, flowers, wildlife, and serenity is your idea of a fantastic holiday or weekend getaway, you’ll love it here.

My stay was complimentary

Wildwood Valley Cottages + Cooking School, Wildwood Road, Yallingup, in the Margaret River region of Western Australia.

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